Our story.

I wanted to create a new way that we talk about science, and the lives of scientists – in particular female scientists. Rather than hearing about the skills needed, the work hours, and the qualifications – I wanted to share the interests, the ups, the downs of people in the scientific community. I wanted to start sharing stories about real people in science, not just fact files.

Who are they? What are their struggles, their hopes - how do they feel about their work? We are making female scientist role models truly attainable, and trying to shatter existing stereotypes. Science may not (and probably isn’t) the be all and end all of their existence, they are not geniuses – they are regular people, who do science, and happen to be female.

Along side these stories of women of science, I will be sharing my own story as a Materials Scientist/science communicator/regular human being with you through a series of blog posts.

This campaign was possible through funds won through I’m an Engineer Get Me Out of Here. There is a huge amount of work that is already being done to raise aspirations of young people in STEM, and the support that we have received from this community has been incredible.

Thank you.
Rhys Archer, Material Scientist  Founder of Women of Science

Rhys Archer
Founder of Women of Science


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